Helping you calm your mind

and strengthen your physique.

When we exercise from a rested state our bodies feel safe to shift, sculpt and heal. That’s why Zen Retreat Pilates is about offering more than a Pilates studio, it’s about providing the most inspiring environment to help you see results with:

A beautiful setting…

Nestled on a peaceful Tyers farm setting, a Pilates class at the studio makes your everyday exercise feel like a wellness getaway.

A unique form of exercise…

Reformer Pilates classes are specifically designed to strengthen your core and properly engage your muscles. Through systematic movements that work intuitively with the natural motions of your body, this exercise helps relieve back pain, aid injury recovery, and improve pelvic floor, bone density, posture, physique and more.

Tailored support and a caring community…

With limits on class sizes, you can be sure you’ll always have individual instructor support to help you perform the exercises correctly, get the most out of your workout and connect with a community of wellness-inspired individuals.

Meet Carine

your instructor…

It was my love affair with Pilates that ultimately kickstarted my wellness journey a few years ago.

Opening my eyes to the fact that I had control over my mind and body, instead of it having control over me, this unique form of exercise is what has now assisted me in maintaining my health and energy through two pregnancies and post-recoveries.

Also noticing how since then it has helped me to feel the release of tension in my body and calm my mind when feeling stressed, I have continued to see significant improvements that I’d certainly never seen before.

Keen to help others harness the power of Pilates to achieve their goals, Zen Retreat is all about creating the perfect environment for all that to happen.


Owner and Instructor at Zen Retreat Pilates